Room temperature box, EB 02.08

The EB 02.25 low temperature box is almost the same as EB 02.08, except that it is equipped with water cooling by tap water.

This cooling enables temperature range between +4 to +40 °C. Tap water temperature cannot exceed +18 °C. The capacity of the box is 8 rigs. It can also be used for conditioning test pieces at 23 °C.

Important specifications

  • Temperature range: +4 to +40 °C (lowest temperature is depending of the tap water temperature)
  • Nominal temperature: 23 °C
  • Temperature variation in time: ± 0,5 °C
  • Temp. variation in space: ± 1,0 %
  • Temperature reduction, below ambient: minimum 12 °C

Included accessories

  • Manual in English
  • Accredited calibration including certificate

More information

Download product brochure: Elastocon Stress Relaxation and Creep Systems.pdf